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"This may sound strange but when I had my reading with Joan Donohue I was NOT expecting to make contact with my deceased mother. I had been to other mediums and my mother had never come through and I didn't think Joan would be any different. Now I am convinced that Joan has talents other mediums do not possess. My mother did indeed come through but it was the way she did it that convinced me it was really her. My mother had an inferiority complex in life and often doubted she was doing things "right." In my reading, my mother kept saying to Joan, "Let Esther do it." (Esther was a cousin who died several years before my mother.) My mother wanted Esther to take her place in the reading because she was afraid she wouldn't do it right! After much coaxing from Joan my mother did come fully into the reading and (just as in life) once she discovered she could do it she really enjoyed herself. It was an emotional reunion for both of us. She passed on a message to me regarding what I thought was an insignificant incident from my childhood. That message has since given me a deeper perspective on myself and my life's purpose. Joan is truly a godsend. You can put your trust in her without reservations." - Steve G., New York, NY

"Joan's reading was so healing and incredibly accurate. I recently lost my grandmother and was hoping that she would come through during the reading. Joan was able to give me specific "evidence" from spirit that really proved to me without a shadow of a doubt that she was communicating with my grandmother. She described the gift I gave her right before she died, the nightgown I still have that she made for me when I was a child, and several other detailed facts. Joan even cried, as she was filled with my granny's emotional love for me. I know now that my granny is with me and that she is happy and pain-free on the other side!" - Carol I., Marietta, GA

"Joan, I just had to write and tell you that I saw my client Barbara yesterday and all she talked about was your wonderful ability as a Medium. She was very impressed and told me how you made contact with people who had died before her birth, you mentioned names and situations she can remember family talking about when she was young. You also revealed something about her strong British link you would not have known. She summed up her experience by saying “Joan was very, very good.” - Pat Russell, Hasbrouck Heights, NJ

"I have been friends with Joan for many years, she is one of the most honest, down to earth people I have ever met. Over the years Joan would share with me some of her most intriguing experiences, I always knew she had a very special gift. My reading with her was such a comforting experience. In the beginning of the session she started mentioning people's names to me that I thought did not make sense. As we got more into the reading so many things started to fall into place. It was a very calming and spiritual experience. By the end of my reading I was very impressed with Joan and felt so lifted, her validations were unbelievable. It was truly one of the best readings I have ever experienced. Joan is a very special friend with a very special gift, I am so glad she decided to pursue her calling in life." - Eileen K., Bergenfield, NJ